1. Education
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Fields of Study: Arts, Humanities, Business, Science, and More

All about graduate study across the disciplines.
  1. Anthropology (10)
  2. Archeology (2)
  3. Biology (13)
  4. Business School (5)
  5. Ceramics (16)
  6. Chemistry Programs (109)
  7. Communication Sciences (4)
  8. Computer Science (4)
  9. Creative Writing MFA Degree (176)
  10. Economics (10)
  11. English (6)
  12. History (10)
  13. Mathematics (8)
  14. Music (3)
  15. Physics (6)
  16. Political Science (6)
  17. Sociology (8)
  18. Theater Arts MFA Programs (172)

How to Choose a Field of Graduate Study
Some considerations for making this big decision.

Professional Master's Degree in Science
Love science, but can't see yourself going the PhD route?

Can You Change Fields from Undergrad to Grad?
Is it common for students to pursue an undergraduate degree in one field and then a graduate degree in another?

Should You Pursue Graduate Study in Engish?
However the decision of whether to study English at the graduate level is emotional, intellectual, and, increasingly, pragmatic. In a difficult economic climate, the question becomes even more perplexing. Why?

Considering a Graduate Degree in History?
Consider these pragmatic issues to determine if a graduate degree in History is for you.

Can I Switch Fields and Go to Graduate School in a Different Area?
Are your graduate study options limited by your college major?

Plan Ahead to Apply to Graduate School
Plan ahead for the best shot at getting into the grad program of your dreams.

Is an MBA for You?
Are you cut out for business school?

MFA Programs
Looking for a Masters of Fine Arts program?

Library Science
If you love reading and scouring the library for resources, maybe a degree in library/information sciences is for you. Check out these links to masters programs in library and information sciences

Be an Architect!
About guide, Jackie Craven, provides useful info on the path to becomming an architect.

Should I Apply to Graduate School at the Same University Where I Earned My BA?
Is this a good thing?

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