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Writing Your Statement of Teaching Philosophy

If you're applying for a faculty position, be prepared to send a statement of teaching philosophy to explain your views of pedagogy and what you do in the classroom.

NonTraditional Applicants to Grad School: 3 Tips for Getting Recommendations

Thinking about grad school at age 40? Beyond? How do you get recommendation letters?

You Just Graduated! Why Do You Feel Down?

You've been looking forward to graduation since you first started college or graduate school. It's finally here! Why aren't you happier?

What to Do the Summer Before You Start Grad School

Be ready to start graduate school this Fall by using this summer to prepare and relax.

Tips for Creating Your First (or 50th) Syllabus

Pay attention to these finer points in your syllabus and you'll encounter fewer problems this semester.

Should You Earn a Master's Degree Before Your PhD?

Is a master's degree required to get into a doctoral program? Sometimes but usually not. There are pros and cons to earning a master's before applying to PhD programs.

7 Tips for Writing a Poor - Unhelpful - Letter of Recommendation

Some letters of recommendation actually hurt students. Here are 7 characteristics of bad letters - what not to do when writing a recommendation.

How to Take Notes from Your Reading

Without taking notes it's unlikely that you'll retain much from the many reading assignments you'll complete in grad school. Here's how to take effective notes.

How to Thank Profs for Writing Your Recommendation Letters

Thanking those who write recommendations on your behalf is not just good manners, it's solid professional advice. Here's a simple but effective sample.

What Earning a Master's Degree Entails

How to earn a master's degree

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