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Reading Tips and Strategies

Graduate school is all about reading. Hone your reading skills to be a successful student.

Why You Should Read Before Class
Professors assign reading and expect you to read it before class. Why should you read it?

How to Take Notes from Your Reading
If you're going to grad school, expect to read a lot. Here's how to do it and remember it.

Reading: Improve Your Comprehension and Efficiency
Ever read an article and not recall much about it? Scholarly reading is very different from reading for pleasure. In graduate school, you need better strategies for reading that mountain of assignments.

Reading Strategies: SQ3R Method
The SQ3R method will help you retain what you read.

Keeping Up with Reading
I can't keep up with all the reading. How can I tackle it? Is a speed reading course the best way or is there another answer?

Reading Strategies
Advice from a reading specialist

Basics of Effective Reading
Important tips for mastering college and graduate-level reading

Suggestions for Improving Reading Speed
Simple ways to improve your speed and get through that 200 page reading assignment all the more quickly!

Improve Your Reading Speed
Learn how to read faster and absorb more of what you read.

How to Read a Research Paper
Research articles are notioriously difficult to read. Here are some tips.

Read More Efficiently: Be Strategic
Grad school entails a ton of reading. While nothing will make that lengthy reading list go away you can learn to read more efficiently and get more out of your reading, for less.

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