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Graduate Study in Psychology, Social Work, and Related Fields

Think about studying human nature or working with people? Resources for applicants to psychology, social work, counseling, and related graduate programs.
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  2. Clinical Psych Program List (180)
  3. Occupational Therapy (3)
  4. Physical Therapy (252)
  5. Social Work (20)
  6. Sport Psych (14)

What Is the Difference Between a PhD in Psychology and a PsyD?
If you want to earn a doctorate in clinical or counseling psychology so that you can practice as a psychologist, you have two choices of degrees: the PhD or the PsyD

Is a PsyD for You?
The clinical psychology PsyD is often misunderstood. What is a PsyD and how can you tell if it is right for you?

Graduate Study in Psychology: Master’s vs Doctoral Degree
When is a master's in psychology a good choice -- and when should you instead choose a doctorate?

Want to be a Clinical Psychologist? How to Beat the Admissions Odds
Clinical psychology is one of the most competitive fields of doctoral study. Be strategic to beat the admissions odds and win a spot in a clinical psychology doctoral program.

Graduate Degrees for Careers as Counselors and Therapists
PhD not required

5 Tips for Applying to Graduate Programs in Clinical or Counseling Psychology
Both clinical and counseling psychology are among the most competitive of all graduate programs. If you want become a clinical psychologist you must improve your graduate school application. Here's how to stand out from the rest.

Want to Become a Psychologist? Consider School Psychology
Want to become a psychologist but not sure that a doctoral degree is for you? Want to work with kids? Consider a degree in school psychology.

Training Models in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
There are several kinds of doctoral programs in clinical and counseling psychology and each offers different training emphases. Some prepare graduates for clinical practice, some for research careers, and some for both.

Do You Need to Take the GRE Psychology Test?
The GRE Psychology Test is offered only a few times each year. If you’re applying to psychology graduate programs, is it worth taking?

So You’re Interested in Psychology: What Subfield of Psychology?
Before you can apply to grad school in psychology you have to choose a subfield. There's more to psych than clinical.

Psychology Courses to Take to Apply to Graduate Study in Psychology
What courses should you take before applying to graduate school in psychology?

What is the PsyD Degree?
What is the PsyD (doctor of psychology)?

Which is Right for Me? One Student's Choice of a PhD or PsyD
What happens when you're accepted to more than one graduate program? Consider this student's experience in making a choice among several doctoral programs in psychology.

How Do I Change Careers and Apply to Graduate Programs in Counseling Psych?
How do you change careers and enter a graduate program in counseling psychology if you already have a career?

What Program is Right for Me? I Want to Work with Teens and Study Psychology
Question: I'm interested in working with teens and I want a graduate degree in psychology. What kinds of programs should I look for? Clinical psychology?

Books for Psychology Applicants and Graduate Students
Psychology students will find a dizzying array of guides to graduate school admission and survival. How do you choose? Check out our list of top picks and narrow your choices.

Q&A About Developmental Programs
Question: I'm interested in working with teens and I want a graduate degree in psychology. What kinds of programs should I look for?

The Psychology Major's Handbook
Learn more about The Psychology Major's Handbook, a resource for psychology students that will guide them throughout the college years and beyond to graduate school and the real world.

Plan Ahead to Apply to Graduate School
Psychology doctoral programs are notoriously competitive. Plan ahead to have the best shot of admittance.

How to Become a Physical Therapist: Applying to DPT Programs
Think you might want to be a physical therapist? Earning a doctor of physical therapy: How to prepare and apply to DPT programs.

How to Become an Occupational Therapist
Occupational therapy is a career option for students who are interested in helping people.

Think You Want to Become a Physician Assistant (PA)?
Is a PA career for you?

How to Get into Physician Assistant School
Entry to PA school is very competitive. Here's how to get in.

About Pharmacy Careers
Consider a career in pharmacy.

How to Get into Pharmacy School
How to apply to PharmD programs

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