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Medical School Admissions: Applying to Medical School?

Prepare for applying to medical school and win admission.
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Timeline for Applying to Medical School
If you hope to attend medical school start preparing about 2 years beforehand.

Is Medical School for You?
Medical school is not like how it is portrayed on TV

American Medical College Application (AMCAS)
There is only one application form for medical school: The AMCAS.

What is the AMCAS Work/Activities Section?
the Work/Activities section is one of the more challenging parts of the AMCAS application for medical school.

What are Letters of Evaluation for Medical School?
Letters of evaluation are an essential part of every medical school application.

Why are Letters of Evaluation Important?
What does this component of your medical school application say about you?

Academic Prerequisites for Medical School
What classes should you take if you want to go to med school?

Do You Have to be a PreMed Major to Apply to Medical School?
No but you must have appropriate academic experiences.

How Much Does Medical School Cost?
Can you afford to become a doctor?

Allopathic vs Osteopathic Medical Training
Which type of medical training do I choose?

What You Need to Know About Applying to Med School
If med school is for you, plan ahead -- and plan early

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical School
Answers to common questions about becoming a doctor.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Doctor?
Basic pros and cons to help you decide whether to become a doctor

Courses to Take Before Applying to Medical School
You don't have to be a premed major to get into med school, but you should take as many of these prerequisites as possible before applying.

Parts of the Medical School Application
Quick overview of what you can expect to include in your med school application.

What is the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)?
Brief introduction to the MCAT.

Best Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Prep Books
Score your best by putting in study time and working through these MCAT prep books.

Illicit Guide to Applying to Medical School
"This site is a product of my experiences and perceptions (and misperceptions) as a premed, and now a medical student." Clearly,essential reading.

Medical Schools in Canada
Complete list of medical programs in Canada

FAQ About Applying to Medical School
This page isn't visually appealing, but it has some of the best info out there on applying to medical school.

Three Common Reasons for Medical School Rejection
Learn from your experience – especially if you plan to apply again next year.

Take Control of Your Medical School Application
Some aspects of your med school application are entirely within your control – and can determine your fate.

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