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Law School Admissions: Applying to Law School

Is law school in your future?
  1. Advice for Law Students (9)
  2. Bar Exam Prep (4)
  3. Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

How Law School is Different from College
Law school is very different from college. Do you know what to expect?

Timeline for Applying to Law School
Timing is everything when it comes to getting into law school.

Reasons to Go to Law School
Don’t go to law school unless these reasons hold true for you.

Three Things You Can do to Prepare for Law School Admissions
Even if applying to law school is years away, there are things that you can do now to improve your application.

Why You Should Not Go to Law School
There are lots of good reasons why law school is a bad idea.

Get Ready to Apply to Law School
Plan ahead to get the experiences you need and boost your application to law school.

Your Law School Admissions Essay: Don'ts
How to not write a personal statement for your law school application.

Should You Retake the LSAT?
You bombed. Will you bomb again?

Making a Statement: Your Law School Admissions Essay
Writing a law school personal statement.

Parts of the Law School Application
The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Credential Assembly Service and your law school application.

What are Considerations in Choosing a Law School?
How do you figure out where to apply?

What Classes Should You to Take Before Applying to Law School?
You don't have to be a pre-law major to apply to law school.

What is the LSAC Credential Assembly Service?
All of your law school applications are sent through this service.

What Types of Law Can I Choose from?
A sampling of legal fields n which you may specialize.

What is Law School Like?
Here's an inkling of what you can expect your first year.

Where do Lawyers Work?
Where might you work with your law degree?

Leaving Law School
What do you do if you are asked to leave law school? One student shares her story.

Should You Attend Law School Part-Time?
There are some important pros and cons to attending law school part-time. Is a part-time law program for you?

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