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Graduate School and Family

Graduate school can be especially tough for students with families. These links provide help with juggling the demands of school and family. Other links provide information and advice on dealing with issues such as discrimination, the "glass ceiling", and other difficulties that arise for women and students of color.

What to Give Your Grad Student this Holiday Season
Gift ideas for the graduate student in your life.

Getting Married in Academia: Should You Change Your Name?
What's in a name? Should you change yours?

Managing Multiple Obligations: Advice for Female Academics
Academics, particular female academics, juggle a variety of work and home tasks. How do you find life balance?

Gender, Stress, and Health in Academia
Is academic bad for women's health?

Share Your Homework Time with Your Kids
Got kids? Then you probably don't have time. Here are some tips for balancing your home and school lives.

Gender, Work, Stress, and Health
Is academia bad for your health?

Graduate School with a Baby
Useful discussion on the Berkeley Parents Network

Do Babies Matter?
Academe article on the effect of family formation on the lifelong careers of academic men and women

Accomplished Women
A new cohort of women is moving into the upper ranks of science and urging young women to aim high and prepare.

A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT
How a Committee on Women Faculty came to be established by the Dean of the School of Science, what the Committee and the Dean learned and accomplished, and recommendations for the future.

Parents or Professionals: Do Women Have to Choose?
Discusses the difficulties that women with families face and provides advice for balancing the juggling act.

Barriers to Women in Academic Science and Engineering
Chapter discusses the experiences of women in Ph.D. programs and as faculty members. Emphaizes the conditions that place women at a disadvantage during their doctoral training and early stages of their academic careers.

May Babies and PostTenure Babies
Can you have an academic career and a family? Review of Higher Education article on the ways in which professors combine academics and motherhood.

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