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Teaching Resources for Professors

Resources and Tips for College-Level Teaching
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How to Write a Syllabus
If you're teaching a class next semester, preparing a syllabus (and reviewing and revising it) should be your top priority. Here's how to do it.

What is an Assistant Professor?
What is an assistant professor?

Teaching? Don't Over-Do Class Prep
Do you spend too much time on class preparation? Over preparing interferes with other work and can backfire, resulting in a stilted unproductive class. Here's what to do.

Become a Better College Instructor by Reflecting on Your Teaching
Good teachers are reflective teachers. They consider their day-to-day classroom experiences and continually seek improvement. Here are three simple ways to become a more reflective instructor.

Teaching Tips for Grad Students: Liven Up Your Lectures
A good college lecture is not simply a list of facts or a rereading of the textbook. An effective lecture is the result of planning and making a series of choices. Here are some tips for graduate student instructors.

Writing Your Statement of Teaching Philosophy
What is your teaching philosophy? If you're applying for a faculty position, be prepared to send a statement of teaching philosophy to discuss how you approach teaching because professors' roles as teachers are increasingly important in academia.

Get to the Point(s): One Student's Experience as a Lecturer
A good lecture takes work. Learn from one grad student's experience

The Teaching Assistantship: Your Ticket to Graduate School
A TA position is an excellent opportunity to learn while paying for grad school.

How to Mentor Graduate Students
Mentoring tips for faculty

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