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Teaching Resources for Professors

Resources and Tips for College-Level Teaching
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Tips for Creating Your First (or 50th) Syllabus
Pay attention to these finer points in your syllabus and you'll encounter fewer problems this semester.

How to Write a Syllabus
If you're teaching a class next semester, preparing a syllabus (and reviewing and revising it) should be your top priority. Here's how to do it.

What is an Assistant Professor?
What is an assistant professor?

Teaching? Don't Over-Do Class Prep
Do you spend too much time on class preparation? Over preparing interferes with other work and can backfire, resulting in a stilted unproductive class. Here's what to do.

Become a Better College Instructor by Reflecting on Your Teaching
Good teachers are reflective teachers. They consider their day-to-day classroom experiences and continually seek improvement. Here are three simple ways to become a more reflective instructor.

Writing Your Statement of Teaching Philosophy
What is your teaching philosophy? If you're applying for a faculty position, be prepared to send a statement of teaching philosophy to discuss how you approach teaching because professors' roles as teachers are increasingly important in academia.

Teaching Tips for Grad Students: Liven Up Your Lectures
A good college lecture is not simply a list of facts or a rereading of the textbook. An effective lecture is the result of planning and making a series of choices. Here are some tips for graduate student instructors.

Get to the Point(s): One Student's Experience as a Lecturer
A good lecture takes work. Learn from one grad student's experience

The Teaching Assistantship: Your Ticket to Graduate School
A TA position is an excellent opportunity to learn while paying for grad school.

How to Mentor Graduate Students
Mentoring tips for faculty

First Time Teaching? Class Prep Tips to Prevent Burnout
College instructors are prone to burnout. Avoid fizzling out halfway through the semester with these class prep tips.

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