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How to Choose a Graduate Program

Find a program that fits your needs and aspirations.
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Selecting Grad Programs
How do you decide which grad program is for you?

12 Things to Know About a Graduate Program Before Applying
Submit an informed application to graduate school by knowing these 12 things about teach program before you apply.

How to Choose a Field of Graduate Study
Before you can select a graduate program you have to know what field you’d like to study. Here’s some help.

Choosing Between Two Graduate Programs
You've been accepted! How to choose.

How to Choose the Right Graduate Program? Consider Your Personal Life
Academics is important, but don't forget your personal life.

Accepted to Grad School: A Strategy for Making Decisions
Don't hold on to multiple acceptance offers. Here's why

Can I Reapply to a Graduate Program After Being Rejected?
What happens if you're rejected?

Should I Apply to Graduate School at the Same University Where I Earned My BA?
Is this a good thing?

Can I Switch Fields and Go to Graduate School in a Different Area?
Are your graduate study options limited by your college major?

Can You Change Fields from Undergrad to Grad?
Is it common for students to pursue an undergraduate degree in one field and then a graduate degree in another?

What Does it Take to Earn a Master's Degree?
Get informed.

Are Master's Programs Ranked?
How do I know if a program is "good?"

What is Accreditation?
Seek degrees from accredited institutions

Nervous About Studying at Your "Safety School?"
Wat do you do if you're attending your second, third, or fourth choice?

What Is a PhD?
Briefly, what does it mean to earn a PhD degree?

College Choice and Grad School Admission
Should you choose your college with your area of intended graduate study in mind? Should you choose your college and major based on where they want to go to grad school?

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