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Sample Recommendation Letter from an Employer


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Many employers who are asked to write an employee's letter of recommendation for graduate school feel ill equipped to the task. That's not the case. The important thing to remember is that graduate programs want to know if candidates are able to succeed in graduate school. While you have no way of knowing this, you have information that the admissions committee will find useful. Simply describe the employees strengths and competencies and explain how you think these qualities make them well prepared for graduate study. What does the employee do well? Does he or she demonstrate good reasoning and problem solving? Here's a sample letter to give you ideas.



[Full Name]
[School Name]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Mr./Ms. Last Name]:

I am writing to you with regard to [Mr./Ms. Full Name], who has requested that I write a letter of recommendation on [his/her] behalf. [First Name] and I discussed [his/her] recent decision to pursue graduate study and I support [his/her] decision and strong desire to take [his/her] dedication and skill to the next level.

I have worked with [First Name] for [time span]. Specifically, [explain the context of your relationship. Are you a supervisor? Of what?]. Applicant's duties include [explain].

Over the time that I have known [Applicant], he/she has consistently performed his/her duties with competence and often goes the extra mile, doing more than expected. [Provide a specific example].

[Applicant] is an excellent problem solver. [Provide an example.] In addition, he/she is an excellent communicator and has the skills and personality needed to be a leader. [Explain/provide an example of how Applicant demonstrates communication skills. Describe some personality characteristics that you believe are helpful to his/her success].

While Applicant's leaving our company to attend graduate school is a loss to us, I have every confidence that Applicant will thrive in a graduate school setting. Applicant is an intelligent, committed, and inquisitive individual. I believe that he/she will be an asset to yur program.


[Employer's Name]

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