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Graduate School Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters are an essential part of your application to graduate school. Plan ahead to get helpful recommendations from professors.
  1. Writing Letters of Recom...

Sample Graduate School Recommendation by Professor
Specific characteristics of an effective recommendation letter.

All About Recommendation Letters
All about recommendation letters for graduate study.

Should You Write Your Own Recommendation Letter for Graduate School?
What do you do if a prof tells you to write up a letter?

Frequently Asked Questions About Letters of Recommendation
Letters are a critical, but not well understood, part of your graduate school application. If you're like most applicants, you have questions about seeking letters of recommendation. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Letters of Recommendation for NonTraditional Applicants to Graduate School
Nontraditional applicants to graduate school have special concerns, especially when it comes to obtaining recommendation letters.

How Do I Get a Letter of Recommendation Five Years After Graduation?
You've been out of school for several years and want to go to grad school. What do you about getting letters of recommendation?

How Do I Get a Letter of Recommendation When I Attend an Online University?
Can I get a recommendation from online instructors?

Why are Evaluation Letters Important to Your Med School Application?
What do these letters say about you?

Is Returning Recommendation Letters in Signed, Sealed Envelopes Too Much to Ask?
Is organizing all that paperwork unreasonable?

When Recommendation Letters Don't Arrive
What do you do if a recommendation letter is missing from your graduate school application?

Before You Agree to Write a Graduate Applicant's Third Letter of Recommendation
A student is desperate for a recommendation letter. You don't know her well. Should you write on her behalf?

Plan Ahead to Apply to Graduate School
Applicants who earn good recommendation letters plan, establish relationships, and get research experience well ahead of time.

Getting Good Letters of Recommendation; Experiences that Matter
What kinds of experiences lead to helpful recommendation letters?

Dos and Don'ts for Gettining Recommendation Letters
Avoid these mistakes -- and follow this advice

What Is a Good Letter of Recommendation?
Characteristics of effective recommendation letters.

Recommendation Letters: Choosing Referees
By now you know that letters of recommendation are critical to your success in gaining entry to graduate school. But how do you choose people to approach for recommendation letters?

What is a Recommendation Letter?
Brief definition

12 Don'ts for Getting Letters of Recommendation
What shouldn't you do if you want a helpful recommendation letter from a professor.

How to Get a Recommendation Letter
Here's how to get a letter of recommendation for grad school.

Thanking Your Letter Writers
Thanking those who write letters of recommendation on your behalf is not just good manners, it's solid professional advice. Here's a sample letter to illustrate this simple but very effective note.

Sample Thank You Note to Your Recommenders
It only takes a moment, but leaves a big impression. Send a thank you note to those who have written on behalf of your graduate school application.

How to Request a Recommendation Letter Two Years Later
How do you request a recommendation letter when you've been off campus for a while?

Should You Ask a Teaching Assistant for a Recommendation Letter?
Is a teaching assistant a good choice for a recommendation letter?

Who should I ask to write my recommendation letter?
Who should you turn to for a helpful letter of recommendation?

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