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Alternative Careers for PhDs

These resources on alternative, non-academic, careers for doctoral graduates will help you start on a new career path.
  1. Career Change

Graduate Students Skills Translate to Non-Academic Careers
A graduate degree offers preparation for careers outside of academic because it develops a variety of skills useful for employers

Redefining Success as More than an Academic Career
Most PhDs don't teach in colleges or universities. We need to update our definition of career success.

Resources on NonAcademic Careers in the Humanities
Question: I am a college senior considering a PhD in English, but I am aware of the unencouraging academic job market. Are there any resources to help me learn about nonacademic job opportunites for Humanites PhDs?

Academia or Industry?
It's a tough decision. Here are some points to ponder.

NonAcademic Careers for Psychologists
Have a PhD in psychology and wonder what else you do besides teaching and therapy?

Career Alternatives for Art Historians
You're not limited to a career in academia! Take a look at these career options for Ph.D.s in art history.

Deprogramming from the Academic Cult
"Graduate students spend years in a culture that views academic careers as the crème de la crème (this is especially true at elite institutions), and pretty soon they begin to believe it. Not pursuing an academic career can be seen as settling for second best, if not downright failure"

Leaving Academic Physics -- What's Out There
Jennifer Hodgdon's extensive list of career opportunities for scientists who want to leave the ivory tower.

Transferring Your Skills
Info on how to find non-academic positions and transfer your skills beyond academe.

What If You Love Teaching, But Can’t Get an Academic Job?
Chronicle of Higher Education article discusses options and offers suggestions on how to make the most of your situation.

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