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If you hope to apply to graduate school plan ahead because the process is lengthy and detailed. A graduate school application contains many components including standardized test scores, admissions essays, and recommendation letters.
  1. Overview of the Grad Admissions Process
  2. Choosing Graduate Programs
  3. Recommendation Letters
  4. Admissions Essays
  1. Graduate Admissions Interview
  2. Standardized Admissions Exams
  3. Graduate Admissions Outcomes

Overview of the Grad Admissions Process

What can you expect when you apply to graduate school?

Choosing Graduate Programs

The most important step in applying to graduate school is choosing the programs to which to apply. How do you approach this big decision?

Recommendation Letters

Successful applications to graduate school are accompanied by several excellent letters of recommendation. Good recommendation letters are challenging to earn but make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Admissions Essays

The admissions essay or personal statement is your chance to present yourself to the graduate admissions committee as a person rather than just a GPA and standardized test score. Take advantage of this opportunity and sell yourself to the admissions committee by writing an excellent admissions essay.

Graduate Admissions Interview

If you're invited for a graduate admissions interview you have a leg-up over the competition. Carefully prepare for your interview and you'll be more likely to impress the admissions committee. Also consider your interview as an opportunity to learn about the graduate program.

Standardized Admissions Exams

Standardized tests are no fun, but they're a critical component to your application to graduate school and can even determine whether you get financial aid. Learn about the GRE, MCAT, GMAT, and LSAT.

Graduate Admissions Outcomes

By the end of the graduate admissions process you can expect one of two outcomes: Acceptance or rejection. Here’s what to do when you are accepted to a graduate program and how to manage if you are rejected.

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