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Your Graduate School Application: Admissions Advice

Admissions information and advice for getting into grad school.
  1. Accepted to Grad School (7)
  2. Admissions Interviews
  3. Graduate Admissions Essays
  4. Graduate Record Exam
  5. Graduate School Glossary (22)
  6. How to Choose a Graduate Program (27)
  7. Master's, Doctorate, and More (9)
  8. Parts of the Grad School Application (15)
  9. Recommendation Letters
  10. Rejected by Grad School (14)
  11. Timeline for Applying to Grad School (29)

Parts of the Grad School Application: Overview of Applying to Grad School
Discusses the components of the graduate application, including standardized tests, essays, and letters.

What is the Difference Between a Master's Degree and a Doctoral Degree?
Are you considering attending graduate school but don't know if you should pursue a masters degree or a doctoral degree? Begin by learning how to differentiate the two

Senior-Year Timetable for Applying to Grad School
What to do when: An essential resource.

What's the Role of GPA in Graduate School Admissions?
Do grades matter?

Should You Apply to Graduate School?
Questions you should ask yourself in deciding whether to pursue graduate study.

Tips for Emailing Professors at Graduate Programs
Before you send an email to a professor at a potential graduate program follow these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduate School Admissions
Answers to common questons

What Does Earning a Master's Degree Entail?
Get informed.

Is Graduate School Worth the Cost?
Part of determining whether grad school is for you is deciding if it is worth the cost.

My Application is Just OK: Should I Apply to Grad School?
What if your application isn't perfect. What if your GPA and GRE scores are just ok? Should you still apply to graduate school?

Applying to Graduate School with a Low GPA
Can you get into grad school with a low GPA?

What to Do When You're Accepted to Grad School
Think getting accepted is the end of the application journey? Nope. Here's what to do next.

How Graduate Admissions Committees Evaluate Applications to Graduate School
How do graduate admissions committees draw distinctions among hundreds of applicants?

All About Grad School Recommendation Letters
What recommendation letters are and how to get them to complete your grad school application.

After Submitting the Graduate Application: Contacting Faculty
What do you do after submitting your application to graduate school? Should you contact graduate faculty?

Top 5 Graduate Admissions Advice Books
Looking for a book to guide you through the graduate application process? Look no further.

Research Experience: A Ticket to Graduate School
Research experience is critical for grad school admissions. How do you get research experience in college?

Applying to Grad School With a Grad Degree in Hand
What happens if you already have a graduate degree in hand and wish to apply to graduate school? Will your prior degree be held against you?

What Do Graduate Schools Look for in Applicants?
Knowing what they want can help you determine if you're a good match.

College Choice and Grad School Admission
Should you choose your college with your area of intended graduate study in mind? Should you choose your college and major based on where they want to go to grad school?

Should You Email Professors at Potential Graduate Programs?
Can an email help or hurt your application to grad school?

How to Email Professors at Prospective Graduate Schools

Do Grad Schools Care About Your Social Profile?
Should you scrub your social media profiles when you apply to graduate school? Will professors and admissions committees Google you?

Don’t Let Your Digital Footprint Undermine You Grad School Application
How to clean up your online reputation

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