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Graduate School: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Writing a Grad School Recommendation for an...
Here is a sample letter of recommendation written by an employer for an employee who is applying to graduate school.
Sample Graduate School Recommendation Letters
Writing a recommendation letter for an aspiring graduate student? These examples of graduate school recommendation letters might help you begin.
Does GPA Really Matter for Graduate School...
What role does your grade point average (GPA) play in admission to graduate school? Do grad schools care about GPA?
Thank Your Profs for Writing Your Recommendatio...
Thanking those who write recommendations on your behalf is not just good manners, it's solid professional advice. Here's a simple but effective sample.
Sample Grad School Recommendation Letter by a...
Writing a letter of recommendation and don't know where to start? Here is a sample template recommendation letter for a student applying to graduate school.
Thank Profs for Writing Your Recommendation...
Thanking those who write letters of recommendation on your behalf is not just good manners, it's solid professional advice.
Say Yes! Sample Email Accepting Admission to a...
How to accept an offer of admission to a graduate program: Sample email/letter
How to Tell if You Have a Good GRE Score
Do You Have a Good GRE Score? GRE Verbal and Quantitative Score Percentiles
Questions to Expect During Your Grad School...
Prepare for your grad school interview by considering this list of common questions.
What to Expect on Your Grad School Interview -...
What can you expect during the graduate admissions interview?
Is a Master's or PhD for You? What's the...
Is a master's or doctorate right for you? What's the difference between an MA and PhD?
Getting into Grad School: What Grad Schools...
One of the most important steps in preparing an effective grad school application is knowing what admissions committees look for. What is an ideal applicant?
Example of a Professor-Written Graduate School...
Every recommendation letter is unique. Here is a sample letter written by a professor for a student who is applying to graduate school.
PhD in Psychology or PsyD? What's the Difference?
If you want to earn a doctorate in clinical or counseling psychology to practice as a psychologist, what's your best choice: PhD or the PsyD?
I've Got a Low GPA: Should I Bother Applying to...
Will a low GPA wreck your grad school admissions chances?
The Dos and Don'ts of Graduate School...
What to do (and not to do) on your graduate school admissions interview.
Accepted to Grad School! Now What?
The waiting is finally over.... you're accepted to one or more graduate programs. What happens next?
An Example of an Effective Graduate Student...
This effective recommendation letter for graduate school, written by a faculty member, provides clear examples of the student's competencies.
Dos and Don'ts for Requesting a Grad School...
How you request a recommendation influences its quality. What to do (and not do) to get a grad school recommendation letter that helps your cause.
Graduate School Admissions Exams: GRE, MCAT,...
Thinking about graduate study? Which admissions test will you need to take?
Questions to Ask During a Graduate Admissions...
The graduate school admissions committee is interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them.
Before You Agree to Write a Graduate Applicant'...
Most grad school applicants struggle to find three letters of recommendation and must approach professors who know them little outside of class. If you are that professor, what should you consider before writing a recommendation letter for a student you don't know well?
Graduate Admissions 101: How to get into grad...
What you need to know about the application process so you can get into grad school.
What does it take to earn a master's degree?
How to earn a master's degree. Graduate School.
Graduate Record Exam FAQs
Your GRE score can determine whether your grad school application gets read. Here's what you need to know about the Graduate Record Exam.
Expect Grad Students to Interview You During...
Most graduate school applicants don't realize that grad students take part in admissions interviews.
What an Effective Grad School Recommendation...
An effective recommendation is detailed, like this example
What You Need to Know About Careers in Social...
Careers in social work provide opportunities to help people. Plus social work is a growth field and requires only a master's degree.
What You Need to Know about Graduate School...
Looking for a recommendation letter for grad school? Here's who to ask - and how to do it
8 Things to Know About Becoming a Teacher
We all think we know what it's like to be a teacher. Do you really know?
36 Common Med School Interview Questions
Getting ready for your interview for medical school? What should you expect? Prepare with these medical school interview questions.
What admissions essay questions and topics can...
Graduate admissions committees want to know specific things about you, your competencies, and your goals.
Can You Apply to Grad School in a Different...
Can you pursue an undergraduate degree in one field and then a graduate degree in another? Are you limited by your college major?
How to Decline an Offer of Admission to...
Decided to decline an offer of admission to graduate study but don't know how? Use this model letter as a guide.
8 Characteristics of Effective Grad School...
Writing a letter of recommendation isn't easy. Effective letters of recommendation have these 8 characteristics in common.
How Much Does Medical School Cost?
What to expect to pay to earn a medical degree.
The Different Types of Financial Aid for...
Trying to figure out how to pay for grad school? Learn about the different types of financial aid offered to graduate students.
What's a PhD?
The PhD, defined. Graduate School.
What Is a Master of Social Work Degree (MSW)?
Definition of MSW. Graduate School.
I Graduated 5 Years Ago: How do I Get a Letter...
You've been out of school for several years and want to go to grad school. What do you about getting letters of recommendation?
How to Write the Graduate Admissions Essay
Your admissions essay can make or break your grad school application. Plan it well.
I Didn't Get into Grad School! Now What?
It's difficult to learn that you're not among a graduate program's top choices, but rejection is common. Here's how to deal.
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of...
Don't know if you should become a doctor? Consider the pros and cons of becoming a doctor before making a decision.
12 Don'ts for Getting Letters of Recommendation...
There are lots of things that you can do to improve your chances of getting a good letter of recommendation from faculty . But, what shouldn't you do?
Is an OK GPA Enough to Get You Into Grad School?
What if your grades and GRE scores are just ok? What if you have no out-of-class experience? Should you still apply to graduate school?
Classes You Should Take Before Applying to Law...
If you are considering applying to law school, take classes to round out your education and improve your application
What to Do When You are Accepted to Grad School
Accepted to graduate school? Congratulations! Here's what to do next.
Do You Need to Be a Premed Major to Apply to...
Must you major in premed to apply to medical school? Not necessarily, but it helps.
How to Get a Letter of Recommendation for...
How do you get a great letter of recommendation that will win you a spot in graduate school?
What's a Doctoral Candidate or ABD?
What is a doctoral candidate? What does it mean to be ABD?
Do you need a master's degree to apply to PhD...
Is a master's degree required to get into a doctoral program? Sometimes but usually not. There are pros and cons to earning a master's before applying to PhD programs.
What Is the Difference Between Allopathic and...
There are two basic types of medical training: allopathic and osteopathic. How do they differ?
How to Prepare for Master's and PhD Comps: 8 Tips
Your performance on your master's or doctoral comprehensive exam can make or break your graduate school career. Systematically prepare with these tips.
Should You Earn an MSW?
The MSW degree prepares graduates for careers in therapy, policy, and administration.
How to Write an Effective Graduate Admissions...
Writing an essay for your grad school application? Organize it well to get your point across - and get into grad school.
How to Write a Grad School Recommendation...
An employee has asked you to write a letter of recommendation for graduate study. Here's how to write a helpful recommendation letter..
Can a Recommendation Letter be Bad? Yep - See...
Take care in requesting your recommendation letter because not all letters are helpful. Here's an example of a poor letter.
What is a Recommendation Letter?
Letter of recommendation for graduate school - brief definition.
What is an Associate Professor?
The associate professor: Defined
You Need 3 Letters to Apply to Grad School: Who...
Recommendation letters can make or break your grad school application. How do you choose professors to write on your behalf?
What Not to Include on Your CV
You may know what goes into an effective CV, but do you know what to leave out?
My Prof Told Me to Write My Own Recommendation...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > Acceptability: Two Sides Some argue that
Should You Go to Graduate School?
Is graduate school right for you?
Applying to Medical School? Follow this...
Timing is everything when it comes to successfully applying to medical school.
Should You Seek an MSW, PhD, or DSW for a...
How do I become a social worker? Is an MSW, DSW, or PhD needed for a career in social work?
What You Should Ask During an Academic Job...
Got an academic job interview? Here's what to ask to determine if that faculty position is for you.
Is a PsyD for You?
Many debate the relative merits of the psychology PhD and PsyD. Is a PsyD a good choice?
Want a Career in Therapy? Should You Get a...
So you want to be a therapist or a counselor? Will a master's degree or doctoral degree best prepare you for this career?
How to Ask for a Recommendation Years After...
I need a recommendation letter for grad school but I've been out of school for years - how do I ask?
What to Ask During Your Med School Interview
The success of your med school interview relies not simply on your responses but on the questions you ask.
5 Signs You're Meant for Law School
Should you go to law school? Five signs that law school may be right for you.
Didn't Get into Grad School? Can You Reapply...
If you didn't get into graduate school, can you reapply next year? Is it a good idea?
You Don't Need to be a Clinical Psychologist...
There are several ways to become a therapist that don't entail earning a PhD in Clinical Psychology
Tips for Writing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Think it's too soon to prepare a curriculum vitae or CV? It's never too early. Here's how to start.
What You Should Do When You Miss Class
Everybody misses a class once in a while. You can redeem yourself, at least a little. Learn how.
Is Medical School Right for You?
Should you apply to medical school? Is a career as a doctor for you?
Read Faster and with Better Retention with SQ3R...
Tackle the mountain of graduate school reading with the SQ3R Method, designed to help you read faster and retain more.
What Classes Will You Take in Medical School?
Coursework that you can expect to take as a medical student in the US.
Applying to Graduate School? Here's What to Do...
Applying to graduate school is a carefully orchestrated affair. Here's what you need to do -- and when to do it.
Time Management Tips for Graduate Students
Time management is essential for success in graduate school. The best way to avoid burnout in graduate school is to keep track of your days and maintain daily progress towards your goals
Rejected from Grad School? Learn How to Improve...
Rejected from graduate school? Planning on reapplying? Use rejection as a learning experience. Here are four things that you can do now:
What is Medical School Really Like? What to...
What can you expect in medical school?
6 Tips to Liven Up Your Lectures
A good college lecture is not simply a list of facts or a rereading of the textbook. An effective lecture is the result of planning and making a series of choices. Here are some tips for graduate student instructors.
5 Tips to Get in to Clinical Psychology...
Both clinical and counseling psychology are among the most competitive of all doctoral programs. Here's how to stand out from the rest.
6 Steps to Apply to Medical School
The process of applying to medical school, simplified.
Thinking of Applying to Med School? Be Sure to...
Whether you're a premed major or not, put these classes on your schedule if you plan to apply to medical school.
Social Work or Counseling? Which Degree Should...
Trying to decide whether to pursue a MSW or Masters in Counseling?
Questions to Expect During an Academic Job...
Be prepared for your academic job interview with answers to these questions.
What Is a Doctoral - PhD - Dissertation?
What is a doctoral dissertation?
About Masters and Doctoral Comps
One of the biggest milestones of graduate study is passing your comps. What are comprehensive exams?
Training Models in Clinical and Counseling...
Applying to programs in clinical or counseling psychology? Different programs emphasize different types of training - be sure that your application reflects that.
Why You Need Different Study Skills for Grad...
Graduate school is very different from college. It requires a different skill set.
Types of Medical School Interviews
Got an invitation to interview for medical school? Learn about the various interview approaches and be prepared.
What is a Master's Degree?
What is a master's degree? Graduate School.
Is it OK to Give My Professor a Gift?
You're grateful for your professor's help. You think your prof is awesome. Should you give your professor a gift to show your appreciation?
Got a Skype Interview for Grad School? 9 Tips...
Skype interviews for graduate school are just as important as real-life interviews but are accompanied by special challenges. Don’t let technological issues get in the way of a successful interview.
Where do Lawyers Work?
Where do you find lawyers? Graduate School.
What Is a Social Worker?
What doe social workers do? Graduate School.
I'm Wait Listed for Grad School, Now What?
What does it mean to be wait listed by a graduate program and what can I do about it?
8 Tips to Boost Your Productivity and Manage...
How to manage your time, improve efficiency, and say sane during your years as a grad student.
How Write Emails to - and Get Responses from -...
When you should contact a professor at a grad school you hope to attend -- and how to do it right.
How a Teaching Assistantship Works
A teaching assistantship can help you pay your way through grad school.
How Grad School Committees Evaluate Applications
Graduate programs receive dozens - and some receive hundreds - of applications and many are from students with stellar qualifications. What you need to know to stand out from the pack.
Is Returning Recommendation Letters in Signed,...
Recently a reader asked me whether it's an imposition to ask faculty to not only write letters of recommendation but to return them to the student, each in a separate signed and sealed envelope. Is it too much to ask? Is organizing all that paperwork unreasonable?
Three Common Reasons for Medical School Rejection
Increase your odds of admission to medical school by keeping these common reasons for rejection in mind.
Grad School Rejection: How to Deal
Some of the many reasons why students are rejected from graduate schools and advice on how to deal.
How Graduate School Is Different from College
How do you make a smooth transition to graduate school? First be aware that graduate school is very different from undergraduate college.
7 Steps to Writing a Student's Recommendation...
Student ask you to write a recommendation letter? Should you? What info should you request from the student?
Top Masters of Social Work (MSW) Programs
These programs are consistently rated among the top social work programs in the US.
What's Grad School Like? 5 Things to Know About...
Wondering if grad school is right for you? Here are 5 ways in which grad school is different from college.
How to Choose Between Two Graduate Programs
What should you do it you are faced with the unexpected (but delightful) decision of choosing among two or more graduate programs?
8 Tips for Taking Notes from Your Reading
Graduate study entails a great deal of reading. Don't waste your time reading without having a system for recording and recalling what you learn.
How to Choose Faculty to Sit on Your Dissertati...
You have lots of choices. How do you determine which professors to approach to sit on your dissertation committee?
How to Ask Your Professor for Help
At some point in college or grad school you'll have to ask for help. How do you ask a professor for help?
Should You Email Professors at Potential Grad...
Is it a good idea to contact faculty at the programs to which you are applying? How do you?
Nontraditional Students: 3 Tips for Grad School...
Thinking about grad school at age 40? Beyond? How do you get recommendation letters?
Graduate School Application: Possible Outcomes
What can you expect when all is said and done, after applications are submitted and interviews (if any) have been completed? There are three responses you can receive.
Should You Pursue a Graduate Degree in History?
Consider these pragmatics in deciding whether to go to grad school in History.
What You Need to Know About a Graduate Program...
Before you begin that graduate school application, ensure that you know these 12 things about the grad program.
Know what's due for class? Check the syllabus
The first thing most professors do is distribute the course syllabus. Here's why and what to expect
Considering Law School? What Type of Law Will...
There are many kinds of lawyers as there are many types of law. What are the most common legal fields?
Should You Take a GRE Prep Course?
Some say it’s the best way to prepare for the GRE and others say it’s a scam. Is a GRE review course right for you?
Top 4 GRE Test Prep Books
Prepping for the Graduate Record Exam? Try these GRE Test Prep books.
How to Have a Successful Graduate Admissions...
Don't underestimate the importance of the graduate admissions interview. Prepare.
Common Questions About Graduate Admissions Essays
How should you approach writing the graduate admissions essay? Answers to common questions.
Should You Contact Faculty after You Submit...
Is it OK to email profs I want to work it? One applicant's argument for doing so.
Choose & Improve Your GRE Scores:...
Improve your odds of graduate school admission by choosing which GRE scores to send grad schools and using the GRE Diagnostic Service to increase your scores.
How to Ask Professors to Sit on Your Dissertati...
How to choose a dissertation committee and approach faculty to enlist their help.
The Fun Doesn't End with Med School: About...
Medical training doesn't end with graduation from medical school. The next step is residency.
How to Read Academic Texts Quicker and with...
Ever read an assignment and remember nothing even a few minutes later? Try these strategies to improve your reading skills.
Take Advantage of Grad School Papers to Advance...
The papers that you are assigned in your grad school classes are not just about getting a good grade. Papers are your opportunity to advance your own scholarly work.
Any reference is good, right? Nope! 7 Tips for...
Some letters of recommendation actually hurt students. Here are 7 characteristics of bad letters - what not to do when writing a recommendation.
8 Mistakes to Avoid in Grad School
Good grades do not guarantee success in graduate school. The most successful grad students avoid committing these common mistakes.
Types of Education Loans for Graduate Study
Graduate school is expensive. What are the different kinds of loans that you can receive?
How to Write Grad School Recommendation Letters
A student approaches you for a letter of recommendation. What do you do?
How to Detect Plagiarism in Student Papers
Need to check a student's paper for plagiarism? Try these sites to run a quick and easy plagiarism check
Should You Ask a Teaching Assistant for a...
A teaching assistant might know you best, but should he or she write your grad school recommendation letter?
Should You Discuss a Low GPA in Your Graduate...
Your best bet always is to focus on your strengths. Is it ever ok to talk about a poor GPA?
4 Tips to Prepare for Your Med School Interview
Much of a successful medical school interview is a matter of preparing well. Here are 4 tips to help you ace your med school interview
What's the FAFSA?
It's the first step to getting any kind of financial aid for grad school.
Do You Need a BSW to Apply to MSW Programs?
Do I have to major in social work in college in order to apply to graduate school for a master of social work (MSW) degree?
What Is a Research Assistantship?
What is a research assistantship?
Why do you have to write an essay to apply to...
The graduate admissions essay is simply another hurdle to get into grad school. Understand its purpose in order to write an effective essay and gain admission to graduate school.
GMAT: Introduction to the Graduate Management...
The GMAT is the first step towards getting into business school.Here's what it's all about.
About the Medical College Admissions Test
Want to go to medical school? Then the MCAT is on your to-do list.
Want to Write an Effective Graduate Admissions...
Don't be bewildered by the graduate admissions essay. Understand your motivations and writing will come easily to you.
Some Grad School Rejections are Not About the...
Sometimes grad school rejection has nothing to do with a student's application. Some applicants are rejected by graduate programs for reasons outside of their control. Why you might have been rejected.
Is Graduate School Really Worth the Cost?
Does grad school make financial sense?
Should You Take Time Off Before Applying to...
Are you ready for another three to eight years of graduate education? Sometimes taking time off first is a good idea.
Applying to Grad School? Don't Forget Your...
While you're wrestling with the hard parts of your grad school application, don't forget the easy stuff, like submitting your college transcript.

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