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Graduate School: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
A Thank You Note for Your Recommendation Letters
Thanking those who write letters of recommendation on your behalf is not just good manners, it's solid professional advice. Here's a sample letter to illustrate this simple but very effective note.
Grade Point Average and Graduate School...
What role does your grade point average (GPA) play in admission to graduate school? Do grad schools care about GPA?
A Sample Graduate School Recommendation Letter...
Sample letter of recommendation written by an employer for an employee who is applying to graduate school.
Sample Professor's Recommendation Letter for...
Writing a letter of recommendation and don't know where to start? Check out this sample template recommendation letter written by a professor for a student that is planning on attending graduate school.
How to Decline an Offer of Admission to...
Decided to decline an offer of admission to graduate study but don't know how? Use this model letter declining offer of admission to graduate study as a guide.
Should You Get a Master's Degree or a PhD?...
Is a master's or doctorate right for you? Do you know the difference between the MA and PhD?
Sample Email Accepting Admission to a Graduate...
Sample email/letter accepting an offer of admission to a graduate program.
PhD in Psychology vs PsyD: What's the Difference?
If you want to earn a doctorate in clinical or counseling psychology so that you can practice as a psychologist, you have two choices of degrees: the PhD or the PsyD
Sample Recommendation Letters for Graduate School
Some examples of graduate school recommendation letters to review as you begin to write a letter of recommendation for an aspiring grad student.
I Have a Low GPA: Should I Apply to Grad School?
Will a low GPA wreck your grad school admissions chances?
How Much Debt Will Med School Put You In?
What to expect to pay to earn a medical degree.
3 Things to Know about the Master's Degree
So what does it take to earn a master's degree?
26 Common Questions for Graduate School...
Prepare for your grad school interview by considering this list of common questions.
Should You Choose a Career As a Teacher?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a career as a teacher?
What's a PhD?
The PhD, defined. Graduate School.
An Example of an Effective Graduate Student...
This effective recommendation letter for graduate school, written by a faculty member, explains how the student is known and provides examples to illustrate the student's competencies.
Thinking About Grad School? Here's What You...
Like it or not, if you're applying to grad school the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is on your to-do list.
What do Social Workers do?
What does a career in social work entail?
Timeline for Applying to Medical School
Timing is everything when it comes to successfully applying to medical school.
What You Need to Do in Order to Apply to...
What you need to know about applying to graduate school.
Basic Pros and Cons of Becoming a Doctor
Don't know if you should become a doctor? Consider the pros and cons of becoming a doctor before making a decision.
What Not to Include on Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
You may know what goes into an effective CV, but do you know what to leave out?
Graduate School Admissions Interview: Dos and...
What to do (and not to do) on your graduate school admissions interview.
Graduate School Admissions Exams: Lots of...
What are standardized admissions exams for graduate school, medical school, business school, and law school? Why are they required?
What Are Grad Schools Looking for in Potential...
It might seem like a mystery, but graduate school admissions committees look for specific qualities in applicants. So what does an admissions committee want in an ideal graduate school applicant?
What You Need to Know about Graduate School...
Looking for a recommendation letter for grad school? An overview of how to get a letter of recommendation, including who to ask, how to ask, and what info to provide the professors who write your recommendations.
Top 4 GRE Test Prep Books
Some of the best - and most popular - GRE prep books.
Can I Switch Fields and Go to Graduate School...
Is it possible for a student pursue an undergraduate degree in one field and then a graduate degree in another? Are you limited by your college major?
My Professor is Awesome! Is it OK to Give My...
You're grateful for your professor's help. You think your prof is awesome. Should you give your professor a gift to show your appreciation?
Example of a Professor-Written Graduate School...
A sample letter written by a professor for a student who is applying to graduate school.
What's the Right Time for the Steps of Applying...
Applying to graduate school is a carefully orchestrated affair. How do you apply - and more importantly - when do you apply? This timeline for graduate school admissions translates the application process into a useful time frame
What to Do and Not Do to Get a Helpful...
How you request a recommendation letter influences its quality. Here's what to do (and not do) to get a grad school recommendation letter that helps your cause.
What to Ask During a Graduate Admissions...
The graduate school admissions committee is interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them.
What to Do When You are Accepted to Grad School
Accepted to graduate school? Congratulations! Here's what to do next.
What's the Difference Between Allopathic and...
How do these fields of medicine differ?
32 Questions to Prep Before Your Med School...
Getting ready for your interview for medical school? What should you expect? Prepare with these medical school interview questions.
How do I Get Certified to Teach?
How do I get certified to teach?
Ace Your Grad School Admissions Interview
What can you expect during the graduate admissions interview?
What Is a Good Letter of Recommendation?
Writing a letter of recommendation isn't easy. What makes for a good letter? Effective letters of recommendation have these 8 characteristics in common.
You're Accepted to Graduate School! Now What?
The waiting is finally over.... you've been accepted to graduate school! What happens next?
Types of Financial Aid for Graduate Students
Trying to figure out how to pay for grad school? Learn about the different types of financial aid offered to graduate students.
What Is a Doctoral Candidate?
What is a doctoral candidate? What does it mean to be ABD?
How Do I Get a Letter of Recommendation Five...
You've been out of school for several years and want to go to grad school. What do you about getting letters of recommendation?
An Effective Recommendation Letter: Sample
Whether a letter is good or simply adequate depends not just on it's content but on how well it fits the program to which you’re applying. In this case the context is an online graduate program.
FAQs for Writing Your Graduate Admissions Essay
How should you approach writing the graduate admissions essay? Answers to common questions.
What Classes Should You to Take Before Applying...
Do you have to be a prelaw major? No.
You Missed Class: What Do You Do?
Everybody misses a class once in a while. It's unavoidable in college and graduate school. Most professors care about missed classes, but you can redeem yourself, at least a little. Learn how.
Types of Law: Legal Specializations
There are many kinds of lawyers as there are many types of law. What are the most common legal fields?
How to Organize and Write Your Graduate...
Organize your admissions essay well to get your point across - and get into grad school.
Tips for Writing a Grad School Recommendation...
What do you do if an employee requests a letter of recommendation for graduate study? It might seem as if you're not the right person for the job, but that isn't true.
Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae
It's never too early to write a curriculum vitae. A CV is an academic resume that highlights your scholarly accomplishments. Find out what goes into a CV.
12 Don'ts for Getting Letters of Recommendation
Sure, there are lots of things that you can do to improve your chances of getting a good letter of recommendation from a faculty member. But, what shouldn't you do? Even students with the best intentions make mistakes. Don't be one of them.
How to Get a Recommendation Letter
The letter of recommendation is the part of the graduate school application that students stress most over. How do you get a great letter of recommendation that will win you a spot in graduate school?
Is Medical School for You?
Should you apply to medical school? Is a career as a doctor for you?
What Classes Will You Take in Medical School?
Coursework that you can expect to take as a medical student in the US.
Thank Profs Who Write Your Recommendation Letters
Thanking those who write letters of recommendation on your behalf is not just good manners, it's solid professional advice.
Should You Take Time Off Before Applying to...
You've planned on attending graduate school, but you prepare your applications, you wonder whether you're ready for another three to eight years of graduate education. Should you take time off before graduate study?
LSAT: About the Law School Admission Test
What is the LSAT and how do you take it? If you're planning on law school, you can't avoid taking the LSAT.
What Is a Master of Social Work Degree (MSW)?
Definition of MSW . Graduate School.
How Graduate School Is Different from College
New graduate students quickly discover that grad school is entirely different than college. Grad school is a whole different beast.
What Classes Should I Take to Get into Medical...
Medical schools have very specific course requirements. Are you taking the right classes to get into med school?
Overview of the Graduate Admissions Essay
Your admissions essay can make or break your grad school application.
Should You Go to Graduate School?
Is graduate school right for you?
What Is a Social Worker?
Social worker, defined. . Graduate School.
Stop Procrastinating to Complete Your...
Don't let the dissertation get you down. Learn how to stop procrastinating and finish it now!
Do I need to be a premajor to apply to med...
Must you major in premed to apply to medical school? Not necessarily, but it helps.
How to Get Help from Your Professor
How do you approach a professor for help? At some point in college or grad school you'll have to ask for help. How do you ask a professor for help?
What is a Dissertation?
What is a doctoral dissertation?
Timeline for Applying to Law School
Plan to apply to law school? Follow this timeline to make the application process smoother.
Should You Discuss a Low GPA in Your Graduate...
Your best bet always is to focus on your strengths. Is it ever ok to talk about a poor GPA?
What to Ask During an Academic Job Interview
Got an academic job interview? Here's what to ask to determine if that faculty position is for you
Social Work or Counseling? Which Degree Should...
Trying to decide whether to pursue a MSW or Masters in Counseling?
Sample Poor Letter of Recommendation
Take care in requesting your recommendation letter because not all letters are helpful. Here's an example of a poor letter.
What is a Master's Degree?
What is a master's degree? Graduate School.
What Classes Should Medical School Applicants...
Undergraduate courses that are required and recommended for entry to medical school.
Should You Write Your Own Recommendation Letter...
What should you do if your professor asks you to write your own recommendation letter?
Best Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Prep...
If you’re taking the MCAT plan to put your study time in. Use your time and resources wisely by consulting guides.
What is a comprehensive exam?
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Top Masters of Social Work (MSW) Programs
Wondering which MSW programs are the best of the best? Here are programs that are consistently rated among the top social work programs in the US.
Rejected from Grad School? Here's What to Do
You were rejected from grad school. Now what do you do? How to learn from rejection.
Stop Procrastinating and Complete Your...
Don't let the dissertation get you down. Learn how to stop procrastinating and finish your dissertation now! Page 2.
Look within to Write an Effective Graduate...
The admissions essay bewilders most graduate school applicants yet it is a vital part of the application that cannot be ignored.
Can You Change Fields from Undergrad to Grad?
Is it common for students to pursue an undergraduate degree in one field and then a graduate degree in another?
The Teaching Assistantship: Get Paid to Learn...
A teaching assistantship can help you pay your way through grad school.
Common topics for Grad School Admissions Essays
Graduate admissions committees want to know specific things about you, your competencies, and your goals.
Recommendation Letters: Choosing Referees
By now you know that letters of recommendation are critical to your success in gaining entry to graduate school. But how do you choose people to approach for recommendation letters?
Trouble Starting Your Admissions Essay?
Don't know how to begin your graduate admissions essay? Here are some ideas to break through writer's block.
Graduate School Papers and You
Most graduate courses require students to write term papers. Plan well because papers are not just about getting a good grade. Papers are your opportunity to advance your own scholarly work and receive guidance to enhance your competence.
What to Ask on Your Med School Interview
Your med school interview relies not just on your interview answers but on what you ask.
7 Common Admissions Essay Mistakes
Common errors that can stop your graduate school application in its tracks.
You'll Need Different Study Skills for Graduate...
Graduate school is very different from college. It requires a different skill set.
Graduate Admissions Essay Dos and Don'ts
Writing an effective graduate admissions essay is about following rules. Here are basic rules, the dos and don'ts, of writing admissions essays.
Tips for Writing Recommendation Letters
Tips for faculty who write letters of recommendation for students who seek admittance to graduate school
What is a Recommendation Letter?
Letter of recommendation for graduate school - brief definition.
What You Need to Know About Medical School
What you need to know to gain admission to medical school.
What characteristics do you need to become a...
What characteristics do you need to become a successful (and happy) teacher?
Should I Get a Master's or Doctoral Degree to...
What education do I need to be a counselor? Master's or doctoral degree?
Is Graduate School Worth the Cost?
Graduate school presents opportunities to learn, improve your job prospects, and increase your income. But are these benefits really worth the cost of attending graduate school?
Advantages and Disadvantages of Pursuing an...
Before you apply to an online graduate school, consider the pros and cons of earning an online degree.
Considerations in Selecting a Graduate Program
It's time to choose. How do you figure out which graduate program is for you?
Are You too Old for Grad School?
Thinking about going to grad school but you're not a kid? It's never to late to earn a graduate degree.
I'm Wait Listed for Grad School, Now What?
What does it mean to be wait listed by a graduate program and what can I do about it?
Do Graduate School and Work Mix?
Does graduate school and work mix? Whether graduate students should seek employment is debatable and varies by student and by graduate program.
How to Choose Between Two Graduate Programs
What should you do it you are faced with the unexpected (but delightful) decision of choosing among two or more graduate programs?
Feel the Graduation Blues?
You've been looking forward to graduation since you first started college or graduate school. It's finally here! Why aren't you happier?
Time Management Tips for Graduate Students
Time management is essential for success in graduate school. The best way to avoid burnout in graduate school is to keep track of your days and maintain daily progress towards your goals
MSW, PhD, DSW: Which one is for you?
How do I become a social worker? Is an MSW, DSW, or PhD needed for a career in social work?
What You Should Know About Medical Residency...
Medical training doesn't end with graduation from medical school. The next step is residency.
What to Expect in Med School
What can you expect in medical school?
How to Tell if You Have a Good GRE Score
Do You Have a Good GRE Score? GRE Verbal and Quantitative Score Percentiles
Teaching Tips for Grad Students: Liven up Your...
A good college lecture is not simply a list of facts or a rereading of the textbook. An effective lecture is the result of planning and making a series of choices. Here are some tips for graduate student instructors.
Research Assistantship
What is a research assistantshp?
graduate admissions essay what to ask yourself...
Ask yourself these questions to help you plan and organize your admissions essay.
Accepted to Graduate School! How do You Choose?
Have you been accepted to more than one school but don't know how to decide which one to attend? Consider these various suggestions that can help you make a final decision.
Reading Strategies: SQ3R Method
How do you keep up with that mountain of graduate school reading? Try the SQ3R Method, designed to help you read faster and retain more.
Is Returning Recommendation Letters in Signed,...
Recently a reader asked me whether it's an imposition to ask faculty to not only write letters of recommendation but to return them to the student, each in a separate signed and sealed envelope. Is it too much to ask? Is organizing all that paperwork unreasonable?
Writing a Letter of Recommendation: Getting...
A student approaches you for a letter of recommendation. What do you do?
Considering a Graduate Degree in History?
Consider these pragmatics in deciding whether to go to grad school in History.
Research Experience: A Ticket to Graduate School
Research experience is the key to graduate school admissions. How do you get research experience in college?
What Is the Free Application for Federal...
It's the first step to getting any kind of financial aid for your graduate studies.
Associate Professor
Associate professors sit somewhere between assistant and full professors, and adhere to three duties, two of which have to do with things outside of class.
Should Applicants Email Grad School Professors?
Is it a good idea to contact faculty at the programs to which you are applying?
Training Models in Clinical and Counseling...
There are several kinds of doctoral programs in clinical and counseling psychology and each offers different training emphases. Some prepare graduates for clinical practice, some for research careers, and some for both.
Characteristics of a Poor Letter of Recommendat...
Some letters of recommendation are bad - they don't help students. Here are 7 things you should not do when writing a letter of recommendation.
About the Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree
The MSW degree prepares graduates for careers in therapy, policy, and administration.
Tips for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Verbal...
What does the GRE Verbal Section entail? How do you prepare?
Grad School Admissions: Prepare during Your...
Want to go to graduate school? Prepare early - during your junior year of college or earlier.
Simple Steps to Master Your Use of Time
How to manage your time, improve efficiency, and say sane during your years as a grad student.
What to Do When Your Article is Rejected
You wrote an article, submitted it to a peer review journal, and waited. And waited. And waited. You final receive that long-awaited letter – and it’s a rejection! What next?
Organization Tips for Graduate Students
Graduate students, especially new students, often find themselves overwhelmed. Good time management skills are essential, but succeeding in graduate school requires the ability to organize more than your time.
Reasons to Go to Law School
Law school isn’t for everyone, is it for you? Here are reasons you should consider applying to law school.
Should You Take a GRE Review Course?
Some say it’s the best way to prepare for the GRE and others say it’s a scam. Is a GRE review course right for you?
How to Request a Recommendation Letter Two...
How do you request a letter of recommendation for graduate school when you've been out of school for two years and are living abroad?
How Graduate Admissions Committees Evaluate...
Graduate programs receive dozens - and some receive hundreds - of applications and many are from students with stellar qualifications. Can admissions committees and departments really draw distinctions among hundreds of applicants?
Three Tips for New Graduate Students
Graduate school is way different from college. Pay attention to these three tips and you will start graduate school on the right foot and set yourself up for long term success.
Avoid an Overly Personal Graduate Admissions...
Many applicants share too much in their personal statements.
Accepted to Grad School: Use This Strategy for...
Make decisions about which graduate program to attend as acceptances roll in. Don't wait to hear from all grad programs to which you applied. Here's why.
Graduate School Advisor vs. Mentor: What's the...
Faculty are essential to your graduate school existence. Learn how to manage them.
You’re Accused of Plagiarism: What Now?
What do you do when your professor says you’ve plagiarized your paper?
Make a Good Impression on Professors
Relationships with faculty are critical to success in graduate school. The initial relationship is often formed in class. How do you make a good impression in class?
What is Law School Like?
What can you expect during the first year of law school>
How to Prepare for Your Comprehensive Examination
Your performance on your master's or doctoral comprehensive exam can make or break your graduate school career. Learning all there is to know about your field is daunting, but don't let it overwhelm you. Be systematic in your preparations and follow these tips to get your studying underway and prepare for your comprehensive exams.
You've Been Rejected: How to Deal
Why do grad schools reject applicant? Here are some of the many reasons why students are rejected from graduate schools and advice on how to deal.
Your Transcript is Critical to Your Grad School...
Applicants to graduate school sometimes become so concerned about the more challenging aspects of the application that they forget the easy stuff, like transcripts.
When Letters of Recommendation Don't Arrive
Letters of recommendation are critical to your graduate school application. What happens when they aren't received?
How to Take Notes from Your Reading
Graduate study entails a tremendous amount of reading. Without taking notes it's unlikely that you'll get much out of your reading assignments. Here's how to take effective notes fast. How to Take Notes from Your Reading
Gifts for Graduate Students
Wondering what to get the graduate student on your list? Try these sure to please gifts for graduate students.
How to Cram for a Test
Need to cram for a test? While cramming the night before an exam isn't an effective strategy for long term learning, it can help you pass a test. Here's how to do it.
Nervous About Studying at Your "Safety School?"
What happens when you are rejected by the graduate program of your dreams? How do you enter your safety school, the graduate program you knew you could get into, when you're disappointed?
What Do Teachers Do?
What Do Teachers Do? Graduate School.

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