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Writing Letters of Recommendation

Everything you need to know about writing letters of recommendation.

Before You Agree to Write a Graduate Applicant's Third Letter of Recomendation
What should you consider before writing a recommendation letter for a student you don't know well?

Writing a Letter of Recommendation: Getting Started
You've agreed to write a student's recommendation letter. Now what?

Tips for Writing a Grad School Recommendation Letter for an Employee
An employee has requested a letter of recommendation for graduate study. What do you write?

What Is a Good Letter of Recommendation?
How to write a recommendation letter that get an applicant into graduate school.

Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendation
Writing a helpful letter of recommendation isn't easy. Here are tips for writing effective recommendation letters for your students.

Characteristics of a Poor Letter of Recommendation
Learn about how to write a helpful recommendation letter by reading a poor letter.

Work Through Your Own Baggage to Write a Good Letter of Recommendation
Even if you are a new professor, you are qualified to write a recommendation letter for your students.

Sample Recommendation Letter for an Online Graduate Program
Consider this sample letter of recommendation written for a student applying to an online graduate program.

Sample Poor Letter of Recommendation
Not all recommendation letters are helpful.

Sample Recommendation Letter by a Professor
How do you write a recommendation letter?

Recommendation Letter Example: As Written by a Professor
Use this sample letter as a guide in crafting a student's recommendation.

Sample Recommendation Letter - Written by an Employer
A starting place for writing a grad school recommendation letter for your employee.

Why You Can't Trust Letters of Recommendation
Interesting article, from the Chronicle of Higher Educaiton, on why you can't believe anything you read in recommendation letters for academic appointments or tenure review.

Graduate School Recommendation Letters: Examples
Writing a letter of recommendation? These sample letters may provide some guidance.

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