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Surviving Graduate School: Advice for Graduate Students


Surviving Graduate School: Advice for Graduate Students

By Tara Kuther, Ph.D., About.com Guide to Graduate School

Getting in to graduate school opens up a whole new world of opportunities -- and hurdles. Don't just survive graduate school. Instead, thrive in graduate school with these tips.

  1. Study Skills
  2. Time Management and Organization Skills
  3. Relationships with Faculty
  4. Thesis and Dissertation Advice
  1. College Teaching
  2. Getting a Job After Graduate School
  3. Professional Development

Study Skills

Good study skills will help you learn more quickly and permit you to devote more of your time to what matters -- gaining research and applied experience.

Time Management and Organization Skills

A large part of whether you make it in graduate school is based on how well you manage yourself -- your time management, organizational, and coping skills.

Relationships with Faculty

Graduate school isn't all about coursework - it's about relationships. How well you get along with faculty will influence your success in graduate school and also your career afterward.

Thesis and Dissertation Advice

The most daunting hurdle a graduate student faces is writing the thesis or dissertation. Make it a little easier with these tips.

College Teaching

Most doctoral students teach at least once during their graduate school career. Most of us receive little to no instruction in how to teach. Start here.

Getting a Job After Graduate School

You work hard to get into graduate school - and get out - now what? Getting a job after graduate school often as challenging as getting into grad school. This is especially true for students who see careers in academia.

Professional Development

Graduate school is the entry to your career. It entails gaining knowledge but, perhaps more importantly, becoming socialized as a professional. What does it mean to be a professional? How do you becoome one? This collection of advice on professional development will help.

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