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Be an Exceptional Graduate Student

If you want to succeed in graduate school you will have to look past all the books and follow some of this advice.

Graduate School Papers and You
Most graduate courses require students to write term papers. Plan well because papers are not just about getting a good grade. Papers are your opportunity to advance your own scholarly work and receive guidance to enhance your competence.

How to Take Notes from Your Reading
Grad school is all about reading. How do you retain it all?

The Impostor Syndrome: Are You Fooling Everyone?
At one time or another nearly every graduate student and new faculty member wonders about his or her competence: "Will they find out that I'm making it up as I go?" The impostor syndrome runs rampant in academia - and women are especially prone to it.

How to Approach a Professor for Help
Few students make it through college and graduate school without having to seek some assistance from a professor.

Make a Good Impression on Professors
Relationships with faculty are important to your success.

Make Friends in Grad School
A successful career is not just about academics - relationships also matter.

How to Start the Semester Right
Simple steps that set you up for good grades.

Get the Most Out of Your Course
The semester has ended, but are you really ready to put it behind you? Don't move on too quickly. Follow these three steps to get end-of-the-semester closure.

Learn How You Learn
Succeeding in graduate school requires lots of study time. How do you find the time to study? Try these study tips

Learning in Grad School
Success in graduate school requires a whole different approach towards studying.

Share Your Homework Time with Your Kids
Got kids? Then you probably don't have time. Here are some tips for balancing your home and school lives.

Full-Text Journals and Books Online
Find full-text journals, books, and other study resources.

Back to School Advice for Graduate Students
This collection of advice will help you succeed every semester.

The Syllabus Decoded

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