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Graduate School Rejection

Your grad school application was rejected: What to do next

Rejection from Graduate School
Receiving a rejection letter from a graduate admissions office is a terrible experience. How did you cope with being rejected for graduate study?

What to Ask Yourself When Your Application to Grad School Is Rejected
The unthinkable has happened: You've received a rejection letter from the graduate school of your dreams. Try to make sense of it with these tips.

Learn from Rejection
If you choose to reapply after being rejected from graduate school, use your rejection as a learning experience. Here are four things that you can do now

Should You Give Up on Going to Grad School?
After being rejected many students wonder what to do next. Should you abandon your plans to attend graduate school? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends.

Rejection: It Isn't You, It's Them
Sometimes rejection has nothing to do with a student's application. Some applicants are rejected for reasons outside of their control.

Can I Reapply to a Graduate Program After Being Rejected?
If you really want in, can you reapply?

You've Been Rejected: How to Deal
Rejection always hurts. Understand some of the reasons for rejection - and how you can deal with it and improve your application for next year.

I'm Wait Listed for Grad School. Now What?
I'm wait-listed for admission to graduate school. Now what?

What to Do When You're Accepted to Grad School
Think getting accepted is the end of the application journey? Nope. Here's what to do next.

Nervous About Studying at Your "Safety School?"
Wat do you do if you're attending your second, third, or fourth choice?

Accepted to Grad School: A Strategy for Making Decisions
Don't hold on to multiple acceptance offers. Here's why

You've Been Accepted: How to Choose?
What to do when you've been accepted to more than one graduate program.

You're Accepted to Graduate School! Now What?
You've waited a long time for this. What do you do once you're accepted to grad school?

Sample Letter Accepting Admission to a Graduate Program
What to include in an email accepting their offer of admission.

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