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Publishing: Advice and Information

Publish, don't perish in academia. Links to advice and information to help you succeed in your publishing efforts.

What to Do When Your Article is Rejected
You wrote an article, submitted it to a peer review journal, and waited. And waited. And waited. You final receive that long-awaited letter – and it’s a rejection! What next?

Getting Started in Research: Your Research Journal
Where do great research ideas come from?

Peer Review
Publishing is critical to academic careers and, as a graduate student, it's in your best interest to learn the ropes of the peer review process for journal articles.

Getting Published as a Graduate Student in the Sciences
Many graduate students view scholarly publication as an unattainable goal. They're wrong. Many students publish while in graduate school (myself included!). Find out how.

Advice to Philosophy Graduate Students About Publishing
Advice for graduate students in philosophy who wish to publish -- from Leiter Reports, a group blog.

Writing for Social Scientists
A summary of "Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish your Thesis, Book, or Article." A concise summary with excellent advice for scholars at all academic levels. Essential reading - you might even want to pick up the book!

Writing for Publication
Advice from Professor Michael A. Fahey on how to write academic articles for publication. These concise tips are gems.

Writing an Empirical Article
Classic article by psychologist Daryl Bem on how to write the empirical journal article

Dealing with Rejection & Revising Manuscripts
Manuscript rejection happens to all of us. How do you deal with rejection? How do you use reviewers' comments to improve your manuscript?

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