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Keep Track of it all with an Academic Planner


Keep Track of it all with an Academic Planner
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All successful graduate students are organized. One of the most important organizational tools you have at your disposal is a calendar.  Not just any calendar, but an academic calendar. In fact, academic calendars are not just for students, professors also use them to manage their time.

Use an Academic Calendar

What’s unique about an academic calendar? Well, it’s a calendar, but it’s specialized for academics because it follows the school year, from mid-August to July, rather than the calendar year. It’s not uncommon, especially in graduate school, to mark important days and make appointments a semester in advance, which might take you from one calendar year into another. This tiny difference allows students to use the same calendar throughout the school year rather than use one during the Fall semester and another during the Spring semester. An academic calendar keeps you current.

Use Month and Week Views

Your calendar should include both month and week views. Month views help you see the big picture, such as when specific assignments are due and how projects and assignment deadlines overlap. Week views permit you to plan your schedule a week at a time, allocating specific times for meetings, study, research, and fun. 

Do yourself a favor and get an academic calendar. You can find academic calendars at your campus book store, can purchase them online, or can make your own. Create a blank monthly calendar as simple as the one below to suit your needs and get you organized quickly.

It's as simple as this:












































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