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Time Management and Procrastination

Top resources for graduate students who want to get a handle on their use of time and learn how to understand and control procrastination.
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An Alternative to Procrastination: Intentional Delay
Active procratination, better referred to as intentional delay, can boost productivity.

Do You Work Too Much?
The pressure to keep up with academic obligations can lead students to develop unhealthy work habits. Do you work too much?

The Timer Trick
Getting through grad school entails learning how to manage your time - and learning how to work during big blocks of time. Many students find the prospect of being productive for a large chunk of time, say 2 hours, daunting. Enter the timer trick.

Simple Steps to Manage Your Time
Make the most of your time, easily.

Overcome Procrastination
Most students put off writing a paper or two. Procrastination is potentially harmful to your studies. Learn how to overcome procrastination.

Use an Academic Calendar to Prepare for the School Year
All students need an academic calendar because, rather than the calendar year, it follows the academic year, from mid-August to July.

Get it Done with a To-Do List
To-do lists make your life easier because they list everything that you need to do or remember for a given day, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

Use a Project Planner to Get that Paper Done on Time
Most time management experts agree that the best way to tackle a large project is to break it into its component tasks. Here's how.

Week-by-Week Academic Planner
A big part of success in college and graduate school relies on your ability to organize yourself and effectively manage your time. Enter the weekly planner.

Try the Pomodoro Technique and Break Through Procrastination
Having a hard time staying on track? Find a timer and try this simple technique.

Time Management for New Graduate Students
The best way to avoid burnout in graduate school is to keep track of your days and maintain daily progress towards your goals

Stop Procrastinating and Complete Your Dissertation!
Are you an ABD (All-But Dissertation) student? The dissertation is the most difficult and time consuming academic requirement a doctoral student faces. Don't fall into a procrastination trap!

Get Motivated to Work
You've got papers to write but your motivation is sagging. Try these tips to get motivated to work

Mind Tools - Time Management Skills
An excellent set of tips and resources to help you get a handle on your time.

Stop Procrastinating Now!
Excellent tips to get motivated and moving now.

The Procrastination Research Group
Links to a variety of resources to help you understand this nasty habit.

Manage Time
Helpful tips from the University of Minnesota.

Organization Tips for Graduate Students
Graduate students, especially new students, often find themselves overwhelmed. Good time management skills are essential, but succeeding in graduate school requires the ability to organize more than your time.

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