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Medical Students: Advice and Info

Getting into medical school is not the hard part.

What to Expect in Medical School
Quick overview of your med school years

What Classes Will You Take in Medical School?
All US medical schools have the same basic curriculum.

Residency: What is the Match?
You don't choose your residency and the organization doesn't choose you. Instead you choose each other.

What is the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE-1)
Want to become a doctor? Plan on taking this exam.

Medical Education: Specialties
What should you practice? Here are some ideas.

Quick Fact: Jobs for Doctors
You'll find doctors in many places.

Information About Medical Residency and Training
What does this post-med school training entail?

What are the Requirements to be Licensed as a Doctor?
After graduating medical school you are not yet ready to practice medicine. First you must earn a license.

What is Board Certification?
Certification is a marker of excellence.

Med Students: What does it Mean to be "On Call?”
It's a traditional part of medical training.

Are Medical Schools Violating Student Privacy?
Is an annual survey conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) violating graduating medical students' rights to privacy? Let's talk about ethics in research with human participants -- and you decide.

United States Medical Licensing Examination
The essential test for a license to practice medicine in the US.

United States Licensing /Immigration Requirements
Want to practice medicine in the US? Here are the requirements and regulations.

Mom MD
A community for women in medicine. Resources, information, support, and advice for women in medical school and in medical careers.

Find a Residency
Submit your application for residency online at this site sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges

Medical Mnemonics
Need a way to remember all that medical jargon? Try the mnemonics at this site. A fantastic resource!

US National Library of Medicine offers free access to Medline, a database of abstracts to over 4,300 biomedical journals.

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