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What are Letters of Evaluation for Medical School?


Definition: All applications for post-graduate study require recommendation letters that evaluate the applicant. Usually referred to as a letter of recommendation, the Medical School Application Service (AMCAS) refers to it as a letter of evaluation.

Applicants should submit at least three letters of evaluation. The AMCAS application permits up to 10. Applicants must provide information about each letter on the AMCAS application.

Unlike applications to graduate school who tend to receive letters written for them by one faculty member, medical school applications offer three options:

Option 1: Committee Letter
Authored by the premed advisor or committee and represents an institution’s overall evaluation of the applicant. This letter can act as your university’s seal of approval.

Option 2: Letter Packet
A set of letters assembled and distributed by an department, institution, or an institution’s career center. It differs from a Committee Letter because a Letter Packet does not include an overall evaluative statement from the premed committee or advisor. In other words, the evaluation does not represent the overall university’s evaluation.

Option 3: Individual Letter
This is a traditional letter written by and representing the opinion of an individual letter writer.

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