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MCAT: Medical College Admissions Test

Understand the MCAT and prepare for it with these resources.

Best Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Prep Books
Plan to take the MCAT just once. Use these books to boost your score.

MCAT: About the Medical College Admissions Test
Introduction to the MCAT, an essential part of your medical school application.

MCAT Writing Sample
Think the MCAT Writing Sample is a joke? It's more important than you think.

MCAT: Sample Questions for the Writing Section
Part 2 of this MCAT feature discusses how to approach a sample essay.

The Recipe for MCAT Success
Advice for preparing for the MCAT - as well as how to deal with test day.

MCAT Regulations and Procedures
AAMC's overview of testing center procedures.

"Healthy" Medical School Admissions without the MCAT
Will admissions committees accept you to medical school without considering MCAT scores? It's rare, but possible. Read on.

Frequently Asked Questions
Important MCAT information from the American Association of Medical Colleges

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