1. Education

Should You Go to Graduate School?

Not everyone needs to go to graduate school. Do you?

Should You Apply to Graduate School?
Questions you should ask yourself in deciding whether to pursue graduate study.

Non-Traditional Students: Is Graduate School for You?
You're never too old for grad school, but is it right for you?

Is It Too Late for Grad School?
Should you go to graduate school after a decade or more of work?

Graduate School: Attend Now or Wait a Few Years?
You've always planned on going to graduate school, but as it approaches you may be feeling less certain that you want to go through another three to eight years of graduate education (at least not right away). Should you take time off before graduate study?

Why Graduate Study?
Are you planning on going to graduate school? How did you decide grad school is for you? Share advice and experience.

Should You Give Up on Going to Grad School?
After being rejected many students wonder what to do next. Should you abandon your plans to attend graduate school? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends.

Is Graduate School Worth the Cost?
Part of determining whether grad school is for you is deciding if it is worth the cost.

Over 65 and Considering Graduate School?
Is there an age limit on graduate study?

Can I Switch Fields and Go to Graduate School in a Different Area?
Are your graduate study options limited by your college major?

Can I Reapply to a Graduate Program After Being Rejected?
What happens if you're rejected?

Can You Change Fields from Undergrad to Grad?
Is it common for students to pursue an undergraduate degree in one field and then a graduate degree in another?

How do You Earn a Masters Degree?
Have you considered studying for a master's degree? Here's what's entailed.

What Is a PhD?
Briefly, what does it mean to earn a PhD degree?

How I Decided Grad School Is For Me: One Student's Story
An applicant describes how he made the decision to apply to graduate school.

Should I Apply to Graduate School at the Same University Where I Earned My BA?
Is this a good thing?

Plan Ahead to Apply to Graduate School
Don't wait for the last minute.

Applying to Grad School With a Grad Degree in Hand
What happens if you already have a graduate degree in hand and wish to apply to graduate school? Will your prior degree be held against you?

Is a PsyD for You?
A PsyD offers very specific training. Is it right for you?

Should You Earn a Master’s Degree Before Your PhD?
Is a master's degree a prerequisite for getting into a doctoral program?

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