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Are there any resources on nonacademic careers for humanities PhDs?


Question: Are there any resources on nonacademic careers for humanities PhDs?
Answer: The challenging job market for PhDs, especially those in the humanities, has led many to seek careers outside of academe -- with success. Advice on how to leave academe is more readily available today than ever before. About Grad School provides advice on career alternatives outside of the ivory tower.

The following books are also helpful in navigating your career:
So What are you Going to Do with That? by Maggie Debelius and Susan Basalla (Farrar Strauss and Giroux, 2001).

Do What You Are by Paul Tiegler and Barbara Barron-Tiegler (Little Brown and Company, 2001)

Outside the Ivory Tower, by Margaret Newhouse (Harvard University Press, 1993).

What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles (Ten Speed Press, 2003).

Of course, the web offers a few choice sites to help you in this difficult career decision. The Chronicle of Higher Education has a series of columns on nonacademic careers for PhDs that are fantastic. In this Salon article, Annalee Newitz explains her decision to pursue freelance writing instead of the traditional path for English PhDs. Finally in Making the Transition to a Non-Academic Career, Barbara Newhouse discusses her experience and offers advice to those considering leaving academia.

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