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Vocabulary Words for the GRE Verbal Section

Mastering the Verbal Section of the GRE demands a a vast knowledge base of vocabulary words as well as their proper use. These GRE vocabulary resources will aid your preparation for the GRE Verbal Section.

Vocabulary List for the GRE's

Provides word lists from different sources to help you with your vocabulary.

GRE Vocabulary Builder

Printable flash cards that offer common GRE words and definitions

Super Word List

Each of Supervoca's vast list of common GRE vocabulary words is linked to definitions via Merriam Webster

GRE Word Lists and Prefixes

Comprehensive resource for the GRE Verbal Section. Scroll down for vocabulary lists and lists of prefixes that will permit you to suss out the meaning of new words -- a critical skill!

Wordhacker Free GRE Word List

Comprehensive list of word, alphabetically organized

Common GRE Vocabulary Words

Words that you need to know
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