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It's not easy but it's possible to land an academic position. Here's how.
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Cover Letter for Academic Positions
The first step in landing an academic job is getting an interview. A good cover letter can get you an interview.

Apply for a Faculty Position: Parts of the Academic Job Application
How do you apply for a job as professor?

Types of Colleges and Universities
If you're working on your dissertation or have just completed graduate school, you're probably loking ahead to going on the academic job market. The first step in applying for any position is to determine the type of institution you're dealing with. Understand the varying types of institutions in order to consider how to best present your skills and abilities.

Academic Job Ads
Where to look to find advertised professor jobs in your field

Assistant Professor
What is an assistant professor?

Associate Professor
What is an associate professor?

What is a professor?

What is tenure?

Adjunct Professor
What is an adjunct professor?

The Assistant Professor's Guide to the Galaxy
A guide to survival and success in academia. (pdf file)

Getting the Academic Job
Dr. Mark MacLachlan provides a thorough overview of the process and detailed advice on issues such as start-up costs, what the hiring committee is looking for, and what they want from your research talk.

Top 10 Reasons Being a University Professor is a Stressful Job
Though recently cited as the least stressful job, this Forbes article explains that being a professor is way more stressful than it looks.

How Many Ph.D.'s Actually Get to Become College Professors?
Not a lot. But according to these NSF data, the percentage of PhDs who find academic jobs before graduation hasn't changed much in three decades.

Academic Career Paths
Advice based on a study of career paths and experiences of recent social science PhD graduates working in academia in the UK and USA.

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