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Paying for Graduate School: Financial Aid for Grad Students

Getting into graduate school is one thing, paying for graduate study is another.
  1. Financial Aid for International Graduate Students (6)

Is Graduate School Worth the Cost?
Do the benefits of attending graduate school outweigh the costs?

What Is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
It's your first step in funding grad school.

Do Graduate School and Work Mix?
Can you work while in grad school? You may be surprised at the answer

Documents You Need to Complete the FAFSA
Gather these items to complete the FAFSA in one sitting.

Apply for Financial Aid Early
Submit your FAFSA as early as possible. Here's why.

Employment and Graduate Study: How to Work in Grad School
Ideally graduate students should make their studies a priority and refrain from any kind of employment. What if that's not an option?

Types of Financial Aid for Graduate Students
There are several options that a grad student can consider to finance their education.

Types of Education Loans
Most graduate students pay for at least part of their education through loans.

The Teaching Assistantship: Your Ticket to Graduate School
Get funding and valuable experience as a teaching assistant.

Fast Web
Free Scholarship search engine that finds scholarships matched to your specific interests, needs, and wants. Access to over 1.3 million scholarships. Applications for many scholarships are available. Additionally, sends emails about deadlines and new scholarships.

Provides a Free Scholarship search engine and as well as information on loans, savings, military aid, and financial help.

Free Scholarship search engine that helps you find various scholarships that are matched on your interests, abilities, and wants. The scholarship database currently includes 3,000 different sources and is updated frequently.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Free Application for Federal Student Aid – The official FAFSA website that allows you to apply for federal financial aid online. Additionally, offers assistance with the FAFSA application form and the ability to check your application status.

Federal Student Aid
Government owned website that helps you and your parents prepare for financing your college experience; offers information for graduate and international students as well. Provides information on Financial Aid and budgeting your expenses.

What is an Assistantship?
Quick definition of assistantship

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