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Education: Resources for Graduate School Applicants & Students

Resources for students interested in pursuing graduate study in education.
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  2. Getting a Teaching Job (9)
  3. How to Become a Teacher
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How do I get certified to teach? How do I become a teacher?
How do I get certified to teach?

Comparing Public and Private Schools - Become a Teacher
What are the advantages and disadvantages of teaching at public and private schools?

What Do Teachers Earn?
What Do Teachers Earn?

Pros and Cons of a Teaching Career
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a career as a teacher?

What Abilities and Desires Must You Have to Become a Teacher?
What characteristics do you need to become a successful (and happy) teacher?

What Do Teachers Do?
What Do Teachers Do?

Becoming a Private School Teacher
Robert Kennedy, About guide to Private Schools, discusses the steps to becomming a private school teacher.

New Teachers
About guide, Beth Lewis, presents a wealth of information for new teachers. Hit the ground running!

Reflections on the First Five Years
A middle school teacher reflects on her first five years as an educator.

What to Look for in a Teacher Preparation Program
Guidelines on what to look for in a teacher prep program, from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Survival Guide for New Teachers
A 28-page guide from the US Department of Education that discusses how new teachers can work effectively with students, parents, veteran teachers, and principals.

Education Programs and Resources
Resources for becoming a teacher. Includes information on training and degree programs.

Alternative Teaching Routes
Information on alternative routes to receiving a teaching certificate.

Teaching ESL
Includes information for individuals interested in teaching English to non-English speaking students (ESL).

Occupational Outlook for Teachers
Sections from the Occupational Outlook Handbook discuss the nature of teachers’ work, training, earning potential, and long-term outlook for opportunities.

How to Become a Teacher
Learn about licensure, certification, and accreditation, teacher preparation programs and the various pathways to becoming a teacher.

Graduate Study in Education
Comprehensive list of graduate programs in education from Gradschools.com.

Top Graduate Programs in Education
US News and World Report ranking of the top education programs in America.

What to Expect Your First Year Teaching
What challenges do teachers face during that first year in the classroom? What could school administrators & colleges do to prepare teachers for those challenges?

Top Graduate Programs in Secondary Education
US News and World Report ranking of the top secondary education programs in America.

Top Graduate Programs in Special Education
US News and World Report ranking of the top special education programs in America.

Tips on Becoming a Teacher
Wisdom on what makes a good teacher

Top Graduate Programs in Elementary Education
US News and World Report ranking of the top elementary education programs in America.

The Outcomes Question in Teacher Education
What should teachers and teacher candidates know and be able to do? It's a question with no easy answers.

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