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Top Masters of Social Work (MSW) Programs


Wondering which MSW programs are the best of the best? There are a great many programs to choose from. Below are graduate programs in social work are consistently ranked by US News and World Report as leaders. Remember that fit - the match between your goals and abilities - matters more than a program's rank. Use these programs as a guide, but remember to choose the program that's right for you, regardless of its rank.

Washington University -- St. Louis St. Louis, MO

In addition to the MSW, there is a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, a combined MSW/MPH degree, and a PhD program.

Boston College -- Boston,MA

Offers MSW and PhD degrees.

University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI

Also offers a masters program and a doctoral program, a Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science, an interdepartmental program that awards a joint PhD degree in social work and one of five social science disciplines: anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

University of Chicago -- Chicago, IL

Offers the AM degree (master of arts in social work). The AM is an alternative to the MSW and is recognized as such, especially given that the University of Chicago is one of the top programs in the country. Don't let the AM degree prevent you from considering this program. In addition to the master's degree, offers a PhD degree.

Columbia University -- New York, NY

Offers an MS program in social work as well as a PhD program.

University of Washington -- Seattle, WA

Offers MSW and PhD programs

University of California, Berkeley -- Berkeley, CA

MSW and PhD programs and several combined degrees, such as a social welfare/public health dual degree, social welfare/law degree, and dual masters in international and area studies

University of Texas -- Austin Austin, TX

Offers a masters of science in social work (MSSW) degree and PhD degree. Similar to the AM degree, the MSSW is recognized by the social work field as a valid masters degree in social work, similar to the MSW. Don’t let the unfamiliar acronym keep you from considering this program.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill -- Chapel Hill, NC

Offers the MSW degree and several dual masters degree programs in law, public adminstration, public health, and divinity. Also offers the PhD

University of Southern California -- Los Angeles, CA

Offers the MSW and PhD degree as well as a nurse social work practitioner option for nurses who wish to pursue study in both health and social services

Case Western Reserve University -- Cleveland, OH

Offers a master of science in social administration (MSSA) degree as well as dual programs in law, management of nonprofit organizations, business administration, social administration, and bioethics

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