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Graduate Study in Social Work

Think a career in social work is for you?
  1. Social Work Programs

About the Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree
Why obtain an MSW? What does it entail?

Masters (MSW) and Doctoral (PhD) Degrees in Social Work at University…

Is Social Work for You?
A career in the helping professions is not for everyone. Is it for you?

Top Masters of Social Work (MSW) Programs
Social work programs that are consistently rated by US News and World Report as the top in the US.

Should I Seek the MSW or PhD for a Career in Social Work?
What's the best degree to become a social worker?

Is a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work Required to Apply to MSW Programs?
Must you major in social work if you want to earn the MSW?

What Is a DSW?
Doctor of social work, defined.

What do Social Workers do?
Brief overview of how social workers spend their time.

Do I Need a Master's or Doctoral Degree to be a Therapist?
What degree do I need for a career as a counselor or therapist?

What Is a Master of Social Work Degree (MSW)?
The MSW, defined.

What Is a Social Worker?
Definition of social worker

Beyond the Clinical Psychology PhD: Alternatives for Careers in Therapy
Interested in a career as a counselor or therapist?

Social Work Career Quiz
Learn about the field of social work and determine if it is for yoy with the help of these career quizzes.

Social Work or Counseling? Which Degree Should I Choose?
Which master's degree will best help you become a therapist?

Top Programs in Social Work
US News and World Report rankings of the top graduate programs in social work.

Quick Guide to Applying to Social Work Graduate Programs

The MSW Application

What are Employment Projections for Social Work?
What are your career prospects?

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