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Study Tips for Law Students
Guide picks
You got into law school! Here are study and survival tips to help you make the grade.

Basic Info Needed for Law School Survival
Discusses the basics that any law student needs to know: hot to read a case, outline, and deal with tests

Student's Perspective on Studying
A law student's perspective on classes, exams, and studying.

Online Legal Research
Learn how to conduct some of your legal research online

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (2003 ed.)
Some introductory material to help you correctly cite legal material (1999-2000 ed.)

Study Tips
Law exams are brutal. Here are some study tips.

Studying for Torts
How to prepare for and confront your final exam in Torts.

How to Brief a Case
Casenotes.com provides helpful instructions on how to brief a case.

General Study Tips
Success is a function of how well you study, not necessarily how much. Learn how to study effectively, as well as take notes, write papers, and more.

Materials for Success
Professor Glesner provides an essential guide for law students that discusses how to prepare for class, get the most out of class, take an exam, and more.

What Every 1st Year Law Student Needs to Know
Great advice from Brian Durham, About guide to Lawyers.

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