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Should You Go to Grad School?
Guide picks
To help you decide whether to go to grad school...

Advice for Nontraditional Applicants
I'm 39 years old and considering a career change into the field of counseling psychology. I have been out of academia for many, many years, and I'm a little daunted by the process of returning to school. I'm concerned about my age--and how I will be viewed as a candidate for graduate school?

Grad School: Now or Later?
Are you ready to go through three to eight years of education? Should you take time off before graduate study?

Should You Go to Grad School?
Whether to go to graduate school is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Here are some questions you should ask yourself in deciding whether to continue your education.

Decisions, Decisions
An Applicant's Perspective: gradschool Staff member, Tory Priputin, discusses how he decided whether to go to grad school.

Advice for Undergraduates Considering Graduate School
Presents a faculty perspective on graduate school, the application process, and how to approach faculty for letters of recommendation.

Questions To Ask When Thinking About Pursuing a Ph.D.
Think a doctoral degree is for you? Read this article and ask yourself the enclosed questions to be sure you're making the right move.

Answer These Five Questions Before Deciding
Think you want to go to graduate school? Answer these 5 questions to clarify your reasons and resolve.

When Does Grad School Make Sense?
Grad school isn't necessary for every career field.

M.S. or Ph.D.?  
What's the difference? Which should you go for? Read these grad student views for an eye-opening experience.

Why Attend Grad School Immediately?
Some students benefit from attending graduate school immediately after graduating college.

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