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Graduate Programs: Databases & Rankings
Guide picks
A collection of graduate program databases and links to program rankings.

Database of Graduate Programs
Looking for a graduate program? Try this collection of graduate program databases with links to individual schools in all disciplines, from creative writing to chemistry to psychology.

Customized Graduate School Rankings
Weight rankings on graduate programs based on your own criteria with this engine from phds.org

College Rankings: Caution and Controversy
A discussion (with links!) on the validity of college rankings. You decide.

All About Grad School
The title is deceiving, but this is a great directory of links to graduate schools in the U.S.

Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change
Excellent dataset of descriptive info about programs, and ranking info, from the National Academy of Science.

US News Graduate School Rankings
The famed (or infamous?) US News and World Report rankings of graduate programs in many, though not all, areas.

NRC Graduate Program Rankings
Database of grad program rankings, using data from the National Research Council.

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