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Tara Kuther, Ph.D.

The Beginning of the End

By November 26, 2013

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Thanksgiving Break. Over the course of the semester many of us yearn for it. We work hard. Hold on as best we can until we get there. Thanksgiving Break isn't just a break. Or a holiday. It's the beginning of the end. Most of us have a week or two of classes, tops, and then final exams. So much to do in virtually no time. Students often say they're like robots, plugging away.  How will you manage?

  1. Enjoy the holiday.
  2. Buckle down. Not fun but necessary.
  3. Accept the workload and engage in some self-care. Grad school is hard. It takes work. Nothing will make that go away. But it will feel easier if you accept the workload and take care of yourself. Simple things like exercise and time off make a big difference in how you handle a heavy work load (or whether you get physically sick from the stress).
  4. Mange your head. Many students fall into the impostor trap, and doubt their own abilities. Don't doubt your presence in graduate school. No one made a mistake in letting you in. You're not an impostor and you can do this.


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